Our Services
Container leasing is our core business by leasing containers to large container liner companies on a per diem basis based on two principal lease types: operating leases and finance leases
Our operating lease mix mainly consists of long-term leases and master leases
Our finance leases are typically structured as long-term leases with terms ranging between 3 and 11 years, under which the lessee has an option to purchase out the containers at the end of the term
In addition to container leasing business, we run container management operations by providing one-stop customized container solutions to container investors. Service includes procurement, leasing, releasing and disposal of containers as well as other services such as maintenance & repair, repositioning and storage of containers
We lease containers on behalf of container investors for two principal types of lease mix: operating leases and finance leases
We receive compensation for managing containers owned by container investors by way of a management fee
Container trading business (re-sale business), comprising of the sale of new containers to container investors, a business closely related to our container management services
Disposal of obsolete containers to depot operators, container exporters, small-scale logistics companies and other shipping lines
We will manage our off-hired containers by establishing an extensive depot network globally
As part of our logistics strategy, we place a strong emphasis on locating containers in high demand areas to meet our clients' requirement
We will achieve significant synergies in relation to the prevail market demand, container leasing and management services to accelerate the fleet growth. Our mission is the commitment to providing efficient & high-quality professional service to our valuable customers and investors and surpass their expectations

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